Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Sunday I had a very special opportunity to photograph a group of rescued 2 week old foals at the Dream Equine Therapy Center in York SC. These foals were rescued from a Nurse Mare Farm in KY. If you are not familiar with the Nurse Mare industry, which I was not, I will give you a brief overview. In the horse racing industry, there is a sub industry called the Nurse Mares. Mares are bred specifically for their milk production. A Mare is bred. The moment she gives birth she is taken away from her baby and given to a more valuable racing horse for them to feed off of. Her baby is abandoned and sometime left to die. The Dream Equine Therapy Center is a group that rescues these foals, cares for them and works diligently to find forever homes for them. My images were donated to the group for use on there Adoption Page in hopes of finding the foals a new home. To learn more about the Dream Equine Therapy Center, please visit them at

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